Ted Genoways on Leaving VQR

What Killed Kevin Still, Genoways

Shortly after his death, Kevin Morrissey became the “poster child” for advocates of the Workplace Bullying Institute’s Healthy Workplace Bill.   So, it’s curious to see how unusually quiet they’ve been about the announcement of Ted Genoways’ resignation from VQR.   In less than a week the news of Ted’s resignation generated roughly 20 google pages of articles.  

Documentary about VQR suicide reveals a cautionary tale

What Killed Kevin Still Genoways

Nearly two years after the managing editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review killed himself following complaints he made about his boss, Ted Genoways, Mr. Genoways has announced that he is stepping down as editor of the award-winning literary journal. - [Chronicle of Higher Education, April 4, 2012 Robin Wilson] This weekend I finally finished editing the long version of my documentary about the aftermath of Kevin’s suicide.  It’s a revealing portrait of today’s workplace bullying movement, the lack of depth in media coverage about the topic, and a cautionary tale about the complexity of our… Read More


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