Employees who don’t report workplace abuse are more likely to resolve it…

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Workplace Bullying And The Things We May Control When I was still being bullied at work I did speak up to management and the response was so frustrating that it wasn’t hard to conjure up fantasies of purposely making mistakes or other similar actions.  My older sister, who became my best mentor, counseled me repeatedly not to give in to these desires.  Instead she argued for what she calls the “Girl Scout Approach” [GSA].   Always there ready to slog through any job issue no matter how repetitive, unnecessary, demeaning or delusional…. Read More

A cautionary tale from Australia regarding workplace bullying…

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Australia is seeing a huge spike in workplace bullying claims but the majority fall short of qualifying. Ian Forsyth of WorkSafe says this is due to “greater awareness about bullying and, in particular, to the case of 19-year-old waitress Brodie Panlock, who committed suicide in 2006 after being relentlessly bullied by four colleagues at a Hawthorn cafe.” The positive outcome is that legislation was enacted as a result of media pressure.  The downside is that despite all of the news coverage important information about workplace bullying was not absorbed by the public…. Read More

Using the Internet to Build an Anti-Workplace Bullying Movement


Excluded Voices Are Lost Opportunities To Prevent Workplace Bullying In my last post I raised the argument that, at least in the US, workplace bullying isn’t a silent epidemic anymore and has in fact become a “hot topic.”  That’s something to raise our hopes but it certainly doesn’t mean that toxic work environments are a thing of the past or that the public dialog is particularly deep and representative of the issues we need to tackle.  With growing recognition has come a vital opportunity for all of us to join together and… Read More

Which Countries Are Most Interested In Workplace Bullying?

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Which corner of the world googles the phrase “workplace bullying” the most?  Well Australia and Ireland seem pretty matched in the number 1 & 2 spots — which given the disparity of size of the two countries says something for the plight of the Irish worker.  New Zealand isn’t far behind.  And, the UK, Canada and the US follow showing the least interest. The top trending news stories about workplace bullying are related to health issues and legislation:

Joint Commission, Nurses and Bullying


Yesterday I put out a request for input into the expansion and development for our website and what we should focus on and include.  A member of the nursing profession asked that we discuss nurses with seniority who bully younger nurses.  A few minutes later I came upon this article, DO NURSES STILL “EAT THEIR YOUNG, ”  written by Jennifer Olin, BSN, RN.  She argues that it’s no longer just newbies that are impacted and has gone so far as to encompass the entire hospital staff. [more]

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