Are you a “bully boss”?

While researching my documentary on Workplace Bullying, I have often heard people say that it’s impossible to know whether or not a boss is actually a bully or just a tough manager.   The definition and list of examples is often so vague and all encompassing that it’s really not unusual for this to be followed by something like, I mean I have to manage people and I suppose I could be considered a bully boss.  Which, I suspect, gets to the root of the problem.  Finding the right words to convey that… Read More

Bullied at work in the UK

Recently I asked people who are currently being bullied to send me their stories to share with others.  Here’s one from TWITTER representing the UK: Anonymous: “I’m still with the same employer, its been an an absolute nightmare.  It started with a newly appointed manager; being particularly nasty, abusive voice mails on my personal phone which escalated to not being invited to meetings, disability discrimination both direct and third party.  I’m partially deaf and was refused safety equipment that the same manager provided for another member of the workforce, being told I… Read More

China and workplace suicides

This week the New York Times reported that a young Chinese factory worker  jumped to his death from his dorm window.  He worked 11 hours a day, 7 days a week for about $1 an hour.  A demotion left him cleaning toilets.  He was one of 10 workers from the same company who committed suicide and media attention has resulted in several large pay increases for employees. 

NY’s Healthy Workplace Bill done for this year


Assemblyman Englebright’s office called to say that the Labor Committee held A5414b.  They do expect to reintroduce legislation next January and in the meantime will look at the language definitions within the bill.  

NY Sponsor of Healthy Workplace Bill says decision is less than an hour away

Assemblyman Englebright’s office says they expect to know by 1pm today whether or not the bill moves forward they will address concerns by business lobbyists that language in the bill needs to be more clearly redefined.   There have been a number of groups who have sent opposition memos including this one: There are a number of federal and state laws on the books today that already provide a sufficient avenue of redress. This legislation, however, does not address any inadequacies of these current protections but, rather, develops a “civility code” in the… Read More


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